Wintertime Lawn Care in North Texas

Wintertime Lawn Care in North Texas

winter dormant lawn

Welcome to lawn care in the winter

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were blessed. We are now in the dead of winter here in the Panther City.  Your Lawn should be completely dormant and not growing, but that does not mean that you should completely forget about lawn care.  Because our soil temps do not go below freezing there is still some activity in the soil even if the grass is completely dormant and therefore, we do want to do something to maintain our soil.

Healthy soil is the foundation of a good lawn. Much like the foundation of your house must be strong, Your soil health is foundationally important to growing a thick lush lawn.

The first thing to note in maintaining healthy soil in the winter is moisture.  Because our soil temps do not dip below freezing, there is still important microbial activity in the soil.  Think of the soil as a grass plants stomach.  When something is placed onto or into the soil, it is the microbial action in the soil that breaks down this material and creates the plant ready nutrients that nourish our plants.  Much like any other living thing the microbes need water to survive.  We recommend your lawn get an average of 0.5 inches of water per week during the winter months. You can also use a moisture meter to check your lawn for moisture levels

Now that we have talked about keeping the moisture levels of your lawn squared away, we should talk about soil testing.  There are lots of ways to test your soil. From a soil savvy test from amazon or a professional do it yourself test at home, to sending a test to your local extension office.  These will tell you much about the content of your soil.  The main things that I want to know is your pH level, but keeping track of your nutrient levels yearly can help design the best and most efficient fertilizer plan so that you are not putting too much or too little fertilizer on your lawn. 

One good application that you can do in the wintertime in order to help prepare your lawn to come out of winter dormancy is humic acid.  We really like the Greene County Fertilizer products and their Humic12 is wonderful.  The simple lawn solutions is another great product and available on amazon.  Humic is a carbon-based substance that helps with making nutrients more available in the soil.  This can be applied year-round and is a very important part of any fertilizer plan.  I recommend at least 3 applications per year and can be applied any time the soil temps are above freezing.

Another maintenance type application you can do in the winter is top dressing.  This can affect your lawn in so many ways.  You can use a top dressing to level your lawn, add organic matter, or to increase drainage.  Depending on the type of material you use and the amount, it can affect your lawn in different ways.  If you need more organic material, we can use compost. If we are looking to level your lawn I would recommend quality topsoil.  If you want to increase the drainage, I recommend a humic/sand mixture.  This is a fairly simple application and you can find the materials at any local landscape supply store.  Simply buy the appropriate amount of material and spread it throughout your yard using a rake or a drag.

As you can see, during winter there is plenty to be doing for your lawn

. Wintertime is all about preparing the soil for the growing season.  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!  We would love to help you make your lawn ready for the spring!


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