Top ten must do’s for your lawn in the early Spring

Top ten must do’s for your lawn in the early Spring

Taking care of your lawn in spring is very important because this sets the tone for your grass for the rest of the year! Here is what you need to do for your lawn in early Spring in North Texas. 

  • Fertilize. 

Now is the time to fertilize your lawn! There are many ways in which this can be done by using organic fertilizer, mulching mowers or chemical fertilizer. Visit your local Fort Worth garden center to stock up. However, ensure that you don’t over-fertilize! 

2) Lime. 

If your lawn has moss, it could well be acidic. Grass favors a neutral pH level and liming your soil is the ideal way to achieve this. 

3) Rake. 

Even though you probably raked a lot during the fall, you will need to do it now as well to control your thatch build-up. Raking will remove mulch and dead grass blades, and lead the way to a healthier lawn.

4) Overseed. 

Overseeding refers to applying grass seed to barren lawn patches that have suffered from neglect, heavy traffic and dogs. This is usually done during the fall but if your lawn is still suffering, you may need to overseed in Spring as well. 

5) Get your lawnmower ready. 

You will be using your mower a lot during the coming months so be sure to give it a good tune-up so that it works effectively. 

6) Purchase a new lawnmower if necessary. 

If your lawnmower has given up the ghost, springtime is a great time to invest in a new one that can be enjoyed in the coming months. 

7) Remove perennial weeds. 

Check your lawn for any weeds (especially perennial weeds, such as dandelion which resemble yellow flowers). If you find any, remove them by applying a good quality post-emergent herbicide so that your lawn looks amazing when the warm weather arrives.

8) Aerate your lawn. 

If your lawn experiences a lot of traffic it may suffer from compaction and look unhealthy. To solve this problem, you will need to aerate your lawn with the use of a lawn aerator (which can be hired). 

9) Remove all annual weeds. 

Annual weeds (such as crabgrass) can wreck havoc on your lawn. The good news is that they can be removed with a preemergent herbicide which will have your grass looking as good as new! 

10) Decide on a mowing plan.

Spring is a time to decide how you will be taking care of your lawn during the warmer months, and this includes how often and the technique you will use when mowing. 




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