The Best Flower Bed Plants for North Texas

The Best Flower Bed Plants for North Texas

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New Life Blooms in Spring

The end of the winter season can be an exciting time. The beginning of spring is just starting, and you start to see new plants and flowers bloom. Spring can be an excellent time to work on new projects, such as planting flower beds. If you’re an avid lover of gardening and live in the Fort Worth area in Texas, you may want to consider a few options in flower bed plants. Our company, Panther City Lawn, offers flower bed services for your home. Moreover, let’s go over some of the ideal plants for your flower bed:

•   Plumbago: One of your main goals when choosing your plants is to look for plants that do well under the hot Texas weather. The plumbago plant is a great alternative for your flower bed. It does well in both the morning sun and shaded areas in the afternoon. The flower can bloom blue or white colored petals with lighted green foliage.

•   Hibiscus Flowers: The hibiscus flowers are popular in Texas because of their tropical nature. The flowers do well in the heat and are perfect for the springtime. Although the flowers will bloom in spring, you’ll see them thrive in the summer months.

•   Lantana Flowers: Although tropical in nature, the lantana flowers can do well in the Fort Worth area during the spring and summer months. However, you will have to make sure to have plenty of dirt in your flower bed to keep them beautiful and healthy. The flowers come in a variety of colors that include yellow, pink, orange and lavender. These plants are excellent complements for any flower bed.

•   Geraniums: When it comes to flower beds, geraniums are some of the best plants made to grow well. These flowers are attractive because of their colorful options and can be planted next to other flowers and plants. The flowers grow best in a light shaded area.

•   Rock Rose: The rock rose plant does well in the Texas heat and will usually bloom in the late spring months. This flowering plant is native to Texas and resembles the hibiscus flowers. It is ideal to keep the rock rose plant in direct sunlight.

•   Coreopsis: The coreopsis plant is another native plant of Texas. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful blooms from this plant, which will give you yellow petals when it begins to bloom. The flower does good in both sunlight and shade. Pruning the flower on a regular basis will give you more flowers as the plant grows.

Choose a Reliable Company

If you’re looking to add a flower bed to your garden, we can help you do the work. We can offer fast service and low prices that will fit your budget. The types of gardening services we extend to our customers can include mulching, planting flower beds and much more. Our landscapers have experience in gardening and can recommend the best alternatives for your garden.



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