Spring is Coming: Irrigation

Spring is Coming: Irrigation

spring sprinklers watering the lawn

Much like people, water is the most vital nutrient to your lawn’s health.  This is why this is the second installment of our cultural practices series to enter into springtime.  Check out the first installment on mowing practices before you read this.

Your lawn needs at least 1-1.5 inches of water per week.  Even in the winter, your lawn needs watering.  It is dormant, not dead.  More importantly in the winter, your soil is alive and needs the water.  In the summer your lawn may need more water when the temperatures rise.  Short durations of watering in the afternoon called ‘’syringing’’ can help cool off your lawn and keep it from going dormant. 

Watering seldom and deep is much better than watering often.  We recommend to water at most 3 times a week.  Watering deep allows the water to soak down to the roots.  This will help to encourage deep root depth and therefore greater drought resistance throughout the spring and summer months.  It has also been encouraged to only water once a week, or even only when you notice the grass to turn dull. 

You should water in the early morning before 10 am in order to prevent as much evaporation as possible.  The next best option is between 4-6 pm.  The most important thing is that the water can absorb into the soil and or evaporate prior to sundown as this will put the lawn at greater risk for fungus and disease.

Don’t water the street.  If you are irrigating the street, then you are only causing runoff of your topsoil and will also cause compaction which makes it difficult for roots to drive down.  If you are having a problem with pooling or runoff, then you may have a compaction problem.  We will address that in a soon to come article. In the meantime, water only until it is able to soak in and then continue watering.

You can check to see if you’re getting proper irrigation coverage by using tuna cans.  You can do this by taking several tuna cans and spreading them throughout your yard.  Then run your irrigation for a set amount of time and measure the amount of water in the can.  This is the amount of water that you have put down in these areas.  If they are uneven then you need to add, remove or change the spread of your sprinkler heads in order to get more uniform coverage.  Also, you can set the amount of time that you need to run your system in order to get the appropriate amount of water down.

With proper mowing and irrigation practices, we are much closer to getting the beautiful and healthy lawn that you are looking for.  Stay tuned for further tips and recommendations.  Please like, share, and subscribe.  If you have any further questions or comments please let us know below or contact us at contactus@panthercitylawn.com or 817-841-9935.


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