Debris Removal

Landscaping projects adds to your curb appeal, but they can leave you with piles of leaves, branches, and weeds that you don’t need. There are many ways to eliminate yard debris, from burning to recycling to choosing the right yard waste removal service. So, you can easily trust Panther City Lawn Care, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

What accumulates around your yard throughout the year is yard debris. To make Debris Removal effortless, you need to find a disposal solution that quickly gets your debris out of your way. And who’s better than the professionals at Panther City Lawn Care to remove your yard waste quickly. As you might be aware, round up your branches and leaves.

The need for debris removal might arise by removing overgrown landscaping. Apart from that, remodeling can include ripping out existing building materials (such as wallboard, shingles, fire, flooding, or other disasters.

This leaves extensive debris behind, a tenant leaving a rental property filled with unwanted junk, or simply clearing a house of many years’ accumulation of unneeded items. Our junk removal services also accept yard waste. And when you hire our junk removal service, you’ll never need anything else to clear out yard waste disposal.

Types of Lawn Debris or Waste You’ll Find in Your Yard

Grass clippings
Tree branches, twigs, and limbs

Keep your lawn looking clean and clutter-free all year round

If you’re still unclear about what exactly yard waste is, it refers to the organic debris that piles up on your lawn 24/7/365. Although some lawn debris can benefit your lawn, if it’s excess, it becomes unsightly and smothers your lawn as and when it grows. Here’s more about how we collect yard waste:

Debris Collection

We collect and combine smaller items like grass clippings, leaf piles, and twigs using several methods. We believe that bags are the most environmentally friendly option for collecting your lawn waste. Compostable bags come in both paper and plastic, and these bags are designed to decompose along with the debris they hold organically.


We collect and then tie larger items like tree branches and limbs together using twine or rope. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with our debris removal services, as we are experts at making a lawn shiny new again. Bundling items together makes our task easier, and your lawn cleaner.

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The dedicated team at Panther City Lawn Care knows the ecological importance of properly disposing of your old lawn waste. Contact us today to schedule a pickup. And since we always live by our values, we promise to treat you and your property with the utmost integrity, trust, and respect.