Lawn mowing: Tips for a Better, Healthier Lawn

Lawn mowing: Tips for a Better, Healthier Lawn

lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing may seem easy, but it isn’t, and it happens to be a crucial process. You pave the way for your lawn’s future whenever you cut the grass, so you have to get it right. You don’t have to do everything by yourself, though. Contact Panther City Lawn Care for Lawn Mowing and general Lawn maintenance.

Let’s look at the list of top lawn mowing tips that we curated for a better and healthier lawn.

Top 10 lawn mowing tips for a blooming lawn

These lawn mowing tips might seem too easy to be true, but take our word and practice them to see the results for yourself.

Tip 1- Understand the lawn mowing first

Before you start with lawn mowing, it is important to understand it. Study the soil sample and see what will work in your favor before investing in the seeds without any proper knowledge.

You can send a sample to Panther City Lawn Care, and we will help you with an overall understanding in the easiest way possible. Having an insight into your lawn is surely going to work out pretty well.

Tip 2- Adjust the cutting height

lawn mowing

The cutting height for cool-season grasses is typically closer to 3 inches.  For warm-season grasses, it is typically 1.5-2.5 inches depending on the time of year.  Also, an important point is that we should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass’s height. Cutting often is the best thing we can do to promote lateral growth.

Tip 3- Water less often and deeply

You don’t have to water the grass daily unless it’s way too dry during the summer. Frequent watering promotes shallow roots and finally weakens the turfgrass.

Therefore, we suggest you water deeply and less frequently. It lets the roots grow deeper and gives your grass the much-needed power during the hot weather.

Tip 4- Sharpen the blades routinely

We will sharpen the mower blades after each mowing session. A sharp blade is more likely to cut grass evenly, while a dull one will leave your turf with jagged edges.

The jagged, uneven tears on the grass blades will create openings for diseases and pests to enter. Apart from that, a lawn cut with a dull blade will form a brownish or whitish hue as the tips of the individual grass blades fade back.

Therefore, we have made it a habit to sharpen the blades regularly during the mowing season. You can also reduce the sharpening frequency by not mowing over stones or thick branches to increase blade dullness.

Tip 5- Never mow when the grass is wet

Always mow your lawn when the grass dries, ALWAYS! Why? Because the wet grass will clog the mower deck and clump together, leaving you with uneven cuts.

Tip 6- Don’t move the clippings

If you want your lawn to be healthier, leave the grass clippings wherever they fall instead of collecting them.

It is also known as grasscycling, and it does wonders for frequently mowed lawns with just one-third cut of the grass blade.

It can save you both time and money as it constitutes up to 25% of the lawn fertilizer.

Tip 7- Pay attention to the time with fertilizers and weed killers

lawn mowing

When you use weed killers during lawn mowing, you have to consider several things like the location, weed type, and grass type. Fertilize in early spring to have a head start when it comes to root development.

Fall feedings help repair the summer damage and spur the root growth for some weeks even after the top growth stops. It helps the grass to survive the winter.

Light feedings assist in maintaining healthy growth. Some chemicals only work in the presence of moisture, and other chemicals are rendered useless by water.

Tip 8- Mow during the evening

If you go out for lawn mowing during the afternoon, it will surely give you stress. If you are unable to mow in the morning, wait till sunset and then go to mow.

We advise you to mow when the temperature falls so that the individual grass does not lose too much water and rebounds quickly post mow session.

Tip 9- Leave out the leaves

It is not required to collect the leaves. While a heavy layer of leaves will smother the lawn, a common amount can be used as compost.

Instead of raking, run the mower over the leaves until they’re chopped into small pieces.

Tip 10- Pick the right mower

Using the right mower for the yard will make it easier for you to care for the lawn. Consider the size of your property when you choose a lawnmower. Use a walk-behind mower when you have acres of grass to cut.

You will also have to consider the type of grass. The thicker the grass, the higher the horsepower you will require.

Contact the experts at Panther City Lawn Care

Lawn mowing isn’t a piece of cake, so you don’t want to get into it all by yourself. Contact the professionals at Panther City Lawn Care, and we will handle everything for you.

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