8 Raised bed garden design ideas for a prettier outdoor!

8 Raised bed garden design ideas for a prettier outdoor!

Flower Bed Planting

If you have a thing for prettier outdoors or if you like the floral vibe, a raised bed garden with Flower Bed Planting is just what you want. And with unmatched quality and service from Panther City Lawn Care, you can be as creative as you like to be.

A raised bed planter can work as a permanent fixture for perennial plants to settle in and grow. The cost depends on how lavish and large you want it to be. Even though they might require attention, they still have so many benefits that it feels worth the hard work.

Raised bed gardening includes growing plants in soil that is higher than the ground. You can typically do this with some enclosure or frame made of wood, stone, or even repurposed material like an old dresser.

Flower Bed Planting

8 Raised Bed Garden Design Ideas

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to raised bed garden design ideas. They all are so pretty that you would want them all. If you get confused and want help, professionals at Panther City Lawn Care are always here to help you.

Built-in Raised beds

The best part about the built-in raised bed is that you can keep it where the sunlight is available instead of going in-ground. You can also avoid tunneling pests from spoiling the plants.

Plants can be in good health and more useful in a raised bed because you can control the quality of the soil and water drainage. If you build the sides wide enough to make a bench, you can also sit and garden; it will be convenient for you if you have some back issues.

Square foot raised beds

Square foot gardening includes dividing the growing area into small square sections that are usually 1 foot per square. The aim is to produce an intensively planted vegetable garden or an extremely productive kitchen garden.

If you use a raised bed for growing vegetables, it’ll let you control the soil quality and stop it from becoming compressed. Vegetable roots can grow unhindered. The beds don’t have to be very high off the ground to get the profits from being in a raised bed.

Sheet metal raised beds

The raised bed gardens sit well above the underground frost line. Because of this, the soil warms up faster in the spring, and you can begin to plant sooner. Metal will guarantee that the ambient heat from the sun is reserved in the soil. Sheet metal is easier to form into shapes, and it’s also an excellent way to provide the heat needed to grow Mediterranean plants like lavender and sage.

Hoop house raised bed

If you plan a little, you can turn this Flower bed planting into a multi-season vegetable garden. 

The Raised beds give you more flexibility to control the growing needs of your garden and make it harder for animals to ruin your vegetables. And if you decide to build a hoop house on top of a raised bed, you can be ready for any weather, handle frost, and have a better spring.

Flower Bed Planting

Raised bed border

A raised bed is a fantastic option for yards with steep slopes, but by building up the beds at their lowermost sections, you can create the illusion of a level garden. Ensure that you make your beds wide enough to still have a layered flower garden with a border of shrubs enclosing the back of the garden and has plenty of room for perennials that will provide textures, colors as well as edge-softening drapes.

Trough Gardens

It doesn’t require any assembly, but you need to drill some drainage holes in the bottom to add the soil.

The metal will give the garden an industrial look and conduct heat to warm the soil in the spring. Depending on what you chose to grow, the plants might need extra water during the hottest part of summer.

Custom designed raised beds

They can fit anywhere and that too as per your preference. You can also get creative and make a complete garden sitting area. It comes with a potting shed and a lamppost. You can add a bench section at the end of the front bed and have an outdoor dining area. It also takes up a natural and rustic appearance.

Architectural Layout

Gardens in small spaces can often seem to be cluttered and untended. In contrast, the raised beds lining this pathway garden look like you have put thought into it. You can even plan out the flower planting so that you provide four seasons of visual interest. Not only do they define the space, but they also give a visual of the garden to be more sizable by breaking up the view and offer an extra seating area in a dappled part of the garden.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, select one of them and contact us for our Flower Bed Planting Service now

You can consider these ideas for your very own raised bed garden for flower planting. If you have a hard time picking the one for you, you can contact the experts at Panther City Lawn Care anytime.  We are the masters of Flower Bed Planting in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us and avail our world-class Flower Bed Planting service now.

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